Rollercoin Miners

Store Bought Miners

El Monstro RollerCoin Miner

El Monstro
2 Cells
110000 Gh/s
99 RLT

The red beast from another dimension. Strong enough to change your mining game for ages.

Dream Demolisher 3000 RollerCoin Miner

Dream Demolisher
2 Cells
70000 Gh/s
1110 RLT

POWER BEYOND INSANITY. Brought to you by limited anniversary GOLDEN ABYSS series.

Rollerfury B8 RollerCoin Miner

Rollerfury B8
2 Cells
19300 Gh/s
59 RLT

The Rolls Royce of the miners. Absolute luxury class. This machine is designed for miners who don’t mess around and just take the best. Enjoy!

Dragonroller 16T RollerCoin Miner

Dragonroller 16T
2 Cells
16000 Gh/s
41 RLT

It’s not enough for you to play with the big boys but you want to kick ass? Than this should be the least you can start with.

Gold Digger RollerCoin Miner

Gold Digger
1 Cell
15000 Gh/s
24 RLT

The first miner in 1-cell category to compete with 2-cell RollerMiner S9. 500 Gh/s more power, less space on the shelf and a killer look – that’s the Golden Abyss style. Take the best and beat the rest!

RollerMiner S9 RollerCoin Miner

RollerMiner S9
2 Cells
14500 Gh/s
36 RLT

Now you are in the premier league. This powerful machine is for the advanced crypto enthusiast. Owning one of these, you definitely qualify to play with the big dogs.

Chupacabra RollerCoin Miner

1 Cell
14000 Gh/s
17 RLT

The legendary creature, surrounded by mystery for centuries. No one ever saw it… until now.

Scarabey RollerCoin Miner

1 Cell
8000 Gh/s
16 RLT

Opening the limited Golden Abyss line of miners, the Scarabey is legally the most beautiful miner on the market. Don’t be tricked by its cuteness, this golden bug is strong.

RollerOn 761 RollerCoin Miner

RollerOn 761
1 Cell
6500 Gh/s
15 RLT

Being the direct competitor of the R4, this miner provides you with 0.2 Th/s greater speed for only 2.5 RLT more. If you have money, you might want to spend it on this nice little machine.

RollerMiner S4 RollerCoin Miner

RollerMiner R4
1 Cell
6000 Gh/s
12.50 RLT

A middle-class miner for the ambitious part-time crypto enthusiast. Noticeably more powerful than the S5+, this machine will gain you more bitcoins in rewards.

RollerMiner S5+ RollerCoin Miner

RollerMiner S5+
1 Cell
4000 Gh/s

Don’t get confused with the model name. This S5+ will leave his young brother S7 far behind in mining power, but it will cost you.

RollerOn 741 RollerCoin Miner

RollerOn 741
1 Cell
2730 Gh/s
7.50 RLT

Now we start talking! Owning one of these, you definitely don’t belong to the beginners anymore.

RollerMiner S7 RollerCoin Miner

RollerMiner S7
1 Cell
1320 Gh/s

The famous S7 model is where mining starts getting addictive. It is much more powerful as the basic one and you will be your first serious purchase you will remember.

RollerMiner S4 RollerCoin Miner

RollerMiner S4
1 Cell
1160 Gh/s
2.60 RLT

This is our basic miner, the most popular among newbies. So, if you are new to mining, you should definitely check out this one.

Other Miners

Santa Sleigh RollerCoin Miner

Santa Sleigh
2 Cells
400 Th/s

Christmas vibe is real! Celebrate the day with the new Santa Sleigh Miner! Only available for purchase during the New Year season.

Milly RollerCoin Miner

2 Cells
210 Th/s

Milly stands for million. A million users in RollerCoin! Celebrate this once is a lifetime moment with a brand new Milly Miner!

Mini Milly RollerCoin Miner

Milly Mini
2 Cells
75 Th/s

Milly Mini is a pretty and affordable version of Milly Miner. Celebrate this once in a lifetime moment with a brand new Milly Mini Miner!

RollerArc SX RollerCoin Miner

RollerArc SX
2 Cells
3 Th/s
Season 3 Exclusive

Long gone prototype that was finally uncovered. Season 3 exclusive reward.

RollerArc S1 RollerCoin Miners

RollerArc S1
1 Cell
450 Gh/s
Found during games

This simple miner you just found in the closet is the easiest way to begin your mining journey.