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Clover is a Blockchain Operating System, which contains storage layer, smart contract layer, Defi protocol layer and eApp layer, in details:

Storage layer: Storage protocol layer supports distributed storage of dApp data. The supported protocols are IPFS, AR, CRUST etc.

Smart contract layer: It supports one-stop cross-chain deployment and calls of dApp. Clover provides a Web3-compatible API, and existing web3 dApps can be migrated to Clover without any change needed.

Defi protocol layer: It supports various basic Defi protocols, such as Swap, Lending, Insurance, etc. It also provides a platform on where developers can build their own Defi protocols. Also, Clover provides a drag-drop smart contract compiler, which is easy-to-use, faultless and can be compiled to WASM.

eApp layer: It supports the evolution from dApp to eApp (External App). Developers can build and deploy their eApp easily on Clover, without the need for machines, domain names, or network bandwidth.

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