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Braintrust is a decentralized talent network that replaces our outdated, fragmented labor market with a liquid, algorithmically controlled marketplace governed by network participants. The network runs on the Ethereum blockchain with a native token called BTRST, which users earn by introducing and onboarding clients (demand) and talent (supply) to the network. In addition, clients use BTRST to enhance their job postings, and talent use BTRST to enhance their proposals or take courses to level up their skills. Lastly, by forking the Compound governance protocol, we’ve enabled a one-token, one-vote system that gives token holders proportional control over how the network is governed. These native token uses provide strong incentives to clients and talent to use the network and participate in the governance of the network. We refer to this incentive alignment as the ownership economy. On the Braintrust talent network, clients place their “asks” by posting jobs to the network, specifying parameters such as skillset, geography, and rates. They are matched accordingly with talent, who respond with “bids” by submitting job proposals.

The core innovations of the Braintrust network are programmatically rewarding network participants based on their contributions to building the network in its native token and developing a protocol, to replace expensive and ineffective centralized middlemen. In achieving these two goals, the network can dramatically reduce the capital required to build the network, cutting fees for talent to zero, and cutting costs for clients by up to 70% in some cases.1 Braintrust is a live, self-governing decentralized network with tens of thousands of talent participants and hundreds of Fortune 1000 enterprises processing millions of dollars in transactions each month at the time of this writing. All of the development and maintenance of the network has been done by a global network of contributors on the Braintrust network.2

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