What Is RollerCoin?

Rollercoin logo

Looking to earn free cryptocurrency and have fun while you’re at it? Then let us tell you about RollerCoin. In simple terms – RollerCoin is a mix between cloud mining and gaming. They offer free mining power for playing games on their website and other tasks. There’s also options to buy unique miners for even more power, but you can mine without ever spending a dollar.

How Do I Earn Free Cloud Mining Power?

The main way to earn power in RollerCoin is by playing their games. The site currently offers 9 different games to play. Each game rewards different GHs (cloud mining power) and each game has multiple levels of difficulty – each level offering even more GHs. Each game takes less than 60 seconds to play.

The current games on RollerCoin to earn free crypto

Earn Unique Artistic Miners

Miners currently for sale in the store

If you’re looking to spend some money and earn even more mining power, RollerCoin offers a unique aspect to that. They have a store where you can buy miners, which offer many different mining powers, but they are all unique 8-Bit gifs. As seen above, these are the typical miners you can purchase from the store. RollerCoin also offers special miners that you can unlock that look even cooler and offer more mining power.

Unique Unlockable Miners

What Is The Season Pass?

Rollercoin Season Pass
Season 5 – Beach Party!

The season pass works like it does in a lot of video games like Call of Duty or Rocket League. You purchase the season pass (typically $119.99) to be able to unlock all the special rewards for that season. There are also a few rewards you can earn each season without purchasing the pass, but purchasing it gives you the opportunity to unlock more miners, which means more mining power for your room.

When you purchase the season pass, you start at level 1. It takes 100 XP to level up, and each level comes with a different reward which can range from a new miner, crafting parts, bonus mining power for a certain amount of days and more. You earn XP by completing daily tasks like following them on twitter, beating a certain game 15 times, or completing 80 games in one day.

Rollercoin Quests
A typical list of daily quests in the season pass

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Earn On RollerCoin?

RollerCoin currently offers 7 different cryptocurrencies to mine:

  • Rollertoken
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Coin
  • Polygon
  • Dogecoin
  • Solana

Start earning free cryptocurrency today!

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rollercoin logo

RollerCoin – RollerCoin is a virtual cryptocurrency mining game where you can earn real money by playing different games. Each time you complete a game, you add power to your mining farm empire. Rollercoin is addictive, fun and a good way to start earning free cryptocurrency. They offer mining in Bitcoin, Rollercoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance, Tether, Polygon and Solana!

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