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The Cannabis Revolution™, empowered by the TOKES digital currency platform, is one of the first projects in the world to combine the technological advances of the blockchain and digital tokens with the cultural shift associated with the marijuana legalization movement.

After having funded a successful first tier of capital via ICO, the TOKES platform is now targeting five key initiatives.

1. TOKES transaction protocol: TOKES sold during the ICO have been distributed to wallets (via WAVES), industry integration, asset pegging, and anonymous transactions will be implemented within 1 year.
2. Fiat Onramps: This is currently active and we are establishing new dispensary partners.
3. Mobile App: Currently in development.
4. Consumer Advocacy: This non-profit arm will be developed within the year.
5. Tangible products: In development, expecting first line within 3 months. Possibility of full grow operation.