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AmberCoin is an example of using the blockchain technology for managing the industrial company’s shares. Each AmberCoin is a share in Amber Trade LTD which is involved in the extraction, processing and trading of amber.

Amber Trade LTD is an international holding with its headquarters in London. It unites a range of local companies specializing in extraction, storage, transportation, manufacturing and the sale of amber and items made from it. The company sells amber mined from its own fields in the west of Ukraine. Our clients are companies from various countries of Europe, Asia and the Near East that trade amber as well as process it into semi-manufactured goods and off-the-shelf items. Current Amber Trade LTD turnover is 500,000-1,500,000 euro monthly

Max number of coins ( Including POS phase) : 49,000,000
Timing of block (in seconds) : 60
Difficulty Retarget: every block
Block number when POW ends : 2,000,000
POS interest per year : 25%
Min stake age : 6 hours
Max stake age : 30 days

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